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Book work

This morning I feel like working on the book:

The train pulled into the station with a grinding halt. I had to hold on tightly to the rail to keep from stumbling. My heart was pounding not knowing what to expect from this new city. Grabbing my bags I took a deep breath and headed out into the platform. I fumble in my purse to find the instructions Cin wrote down for me.

The light breeze, that met me as I stepped out of the station , felt refreshing after the long train ride. I could pick up the subtle fragrance of a flower I've never smelled before, fresh bread and something intangible. I smiled, catching myself subconsciously associating the city with a smell.

It was only recently I realized I did this. I was sitting in a dinner and the smell of hamburgers on the grill took me back to a small town in Ohio.

A reel of the scene played back in my mind. It was of the gathering that was happening in the towns center. Children were running around, squealing in delight as they chased each other around. Music was coming from the bandstand set up at the end of the main square. And from an unseen concession wafted the smell of hamburgers. If closed my eyes I could almost hear the voice of the people laughing, talking and singing along to the music as they danced.....

Ugh my alarms going off. On mornings like this, when things seem to be flowing, I wish I had more time. Hope it carries through the day so I can pick back up when I get a free moment.

Shower then off to work I guess.


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