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Morning sticky notes and being sick.

Updated: Jun 2

pink sticky notes on a blue clipboard
Sticky notes on a blue clipboard

After one day, of being back at the day job, I was so mentally exhausted. My paragraphs of writing descended into loosely scribbled jibberish on a Fleury on bright pink post it notes.

First day off, I only get three this time, I usually spend time going through and trying to figure what on earth I was trying to say or remember.

Today I'm going to gather them all and head out to go grab a coffee. How I forgot to grab coffee for the house is a good tell into how tired my brain is.

Two days later.....

I started writing this blog two days ago. I grabbed my coffee got half way through it and then started feeling sick. I think it was food poisoning. The day was hell. You ever have one of those moments where you wonder if this is the end and they are going to find you like Elvis? Needless to say I got nothing done. Morning sticky notes and being sick don't mix. I cleared my schedule I wasn't even going to try to do anything.

Yesterday I could hold food down but was still exhausted and shaky. My plan was to spend some quality time with my bed and lots of water to rehydrate. Although being sick sucked the bright spot was because my plan was to just stay in bed and rest up I had some well needed time to read.

To my delight an author friend of mine just finished writing his latest book and asked if I'd have time to read through it for him and give him a critique. Because I had cleared my schedule I did have just enough time to squeeze it in.

I love when things like that happen. Honestly I could do without the being sick part but really do enjoy doing these read throughs. I'd normally be reading anyways so isn't an inconvenience to me at all but I know how hard it can be sometimes to get objective constructive criticism. I just hope that I'm helpful in that aspect.

So back to my original blog about morning sticky notes. I've collected them on a clipboard. Most have two or three words written down on them and a collection of half asleep sketches. Let's see if it will let me upload pics today. Ugh so frustrating, going to have to add them on the laptop.

notes and sketches on pink sticky notes on a blue clipboard
notes and sketches on sticky notes

sketch in pen of objects on a desk
Sketch of my desk

pen sketch of a pineapple light
sketch of pineapple light

pen sketch of flowers in a vase
sketch of flowers

The tough part about this is trying to read my own writing then figure out what I was trying to remember. Like this one:

messy writing on a pink sticky note
note on sticky note

Does it say witling train or wilting train...

Did I want to whittle a train? do a sculpture of one? If it was wilting, why was the train wilting? Perhaps this was the night I had started reading an educational booklet I picked up at the Dali museum. Did the melting clocks merge with my dreams to give me a wilting train?

messy writing on a pink sticky note
messy writing on a sticky note

Jaris en ron or maybe faces in rain...

Easily could be mixing some languages here why was Jaris in the rum? I'm horrible with names I could have easily met someone with that name. There was only one night with rum.

pencil sketch of a night club in valencia
sketch of club in valencia

Here's the loose sketch from that night.

I'm guessing though it was faces in the rain. If it was raining then it was in Barcelona or Paris so I better go through my pictures and see what I was thinking about.

messy writing on a pink sticky note
messy writing on a sticky note

I do remember this one, it says Amber nights but to look at it I'd be like what is ambu nighs?

One thing I like about this is if I don't remember what I was trying to write it gets my brain going. Chances are if it's before that first coffee I'm not going to remember anything.

But enough ramblings for today. Going to finish up reading this book, make some very bland food and then get ready for work tomorrow.

Jackie ❤️

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