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What's in a name?

Three Tenticles Forward Bio

I often get asked what does your name mean?

Well this is my business name, my studio.

The person behind it, is Me, Jackie Morisette.

But how did I get to this name?

And why for the love of grammar gods did you spell tentacles

with an I?

Well after receiving a few self help books from a very insightful friend I had decided I was going to jump into this venture to figure out what and where I wanted to be in life. I was determined to put my best foot forward in this effort.

But upon trying to find a handle that expressed my willingness to put both feet forward I came up empty. All were taken.

I just happened to glance down at my arm, where my lovely tattoo friend Oscar the ocular octopus resides. I thought well if I can't put both feet forward I'm going to put three tentacles forward.

I found this hilarious and kept think this is more like ten tickles instead of tentacles and thus a grammar faux pas was committed.


About Jackie

Personal Profile

I am Jackie from Canada. I am a self taught artist in various mediums. I began my journey as an oil landscape painter at a young age. After the loss of my father at age 11. 


I left behind painting until I was in my mid 20's. Once I was back in that world it was like coming home to an old friend.


I decided a few years ago I wanted to take my painting more serious and started learning about different mediums.


I started with venturing out into acrylics. then after realizing my drawing skills were not what they should be dedicated a full year to just charcoal and graphite drawing. since then I've dabbled in digital, watercolor and inks.


When people ask me what kind of artist I am I always have trouble putting it into a category. I simple follow what medium I feel will best bring my ideas to life.

I know sometimes it seems like a chaotic journey so thank you for your patience and support.

Thank you 


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