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What am I doing?

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Over the last year this is a question that I have repeated to myself on more than one occasion.

What am I doing? To be honest I really don't know the answer most days.

I started on this journey to get more clarity on what direction I wanted to go and have at many times ended up just being more confused than before I started.

I started out thinking I wanted one thing but once I got there realized that wasn't what I wanted either.

My expedition in drop shipping has come to a close and this new chapter has begun.

What does this new chapter look like?

It looks like me going outside of my comfort zone and trying new things.

What new things? I'm not sure yet.

Step one: got my first order of supplies shipping packaging, matting, etc.

Step two: set up an interface for sales and showcasing (This website which I'm still working on)

Step three: Sort which prints I want to order in and reformat files for the printer.

Step four: Paint. because that's the whole goal of this adventure.

Step five: Figure out what step six is

If you've come here to follow along and find yourself thinking oh she should try this or that is great or that is not so great feel free to let me know.

Feedback is priceless and thank you for your patience as I find my voice in a digital world.

Jackie ❤️

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