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Time to recharge

With things slowing down and I'm shifting into the rest and relax mood (which surprisingly has a lot of walking in it)

I figured I would bring this blog up to date.

We left off on my time blocking adventure.

Did it work?

The answer is yes it did. I was greatful that I had sat down and sorted that out ahead of time.

As what trends to happen when under a time constraint, with me anyways, all these other things seem to creep up demand attention.

From last minute items you forgot, to emotional distresses and all sorts of things.

Working night shifts and feeling overworked in the 9-5 for me always leads to feeling emotionally dysfunctional. The simplest things get me overwhelmed and triggers my anxiety which in turn can have a huge effect on my productivity.

Having a road map telling me what I needed to do was invaluable.

Under the deadline

As is my MO I snuck right under the deadline of all my set goals.

The auction piece threw a turn in the mix after I had got it varnished then realized I didn't sign it. I had to laugh at myself for that one. My signature now lays between its own layer of varnish.

The writing piece was a task, although I only had to submit 10 pages of writing, I needed to also add a detailed outline of where it was going and what methods I was going to implement with its completion. Add on top of that the dreaded bio questions they ask you to answer and I did end up going over my allotted allowance of time but got in under the submission deadline.

Why are bios so hard for me?

I always struggle with writing anything related to the personal side of my life. It's not so much the how of people looking at me but the how do I explain it in a manner that will convey the feeling of the thought. Those heavy impactful sentences that say "hey this is me!" without coming off as needy or wanton.

Does one ease into it as a gentle breeze? Leave a light touch upon the readers eyes? Or does one come streaming in like a gale with the pronouncement of this is me!

Alas I should ask those who know me to submit a small bio of me. That would be both interesting and insightful.

Gallery showings

My gallery submission is past the design phase. Two pieces have been created from it and nothing to do but to wait ever so unpatiently for a reply.

I actually enjoy these themed submissions. They gives my brain a direction to explore without constraining it. I think I will do more of these in the future.

So to wrap this up time blocking worked wonderful for me.

Next blog will take a look at easing into rest and relaxation in new York city.

Jackie ❤️

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