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Submissions and sleep

It's 4am and I haven't sleep. I don't know why my sleep is so all over the place. Too many years of shift work catching up maybe.

Three days off goes by way too fast. I spent the first day sleeping. All together I probably slept 14hrs then the next day I finished off submissions and slept a decent 7 hours.

I'm not very experienced with submissions. The writing about the pieces I didn't find to bad. The writing about myself definitely took some time.

Now the tough part begins, the waiting to see if they get accepted or not.

Today I had 3 more possible submissions i could submit this week. Of the three designs I decide to try for one more but soon realized that it wasn't going to happen without rushing it. At this point I don't think I should be trying to rush any work. It would not get to where it needs to be and I'm just not willing to sacrifice design just to say I got it done.

If I had been pushing to finish a piece the sleepless night would be understandable. I ended up painting regardless. Laying down some watercolor backgrounds.

Think I'll have a coffee and shower and get ready for work. This weeks to do list won't be too bad after getting the bulk of things done yesterday.

Two meetings, pack and some cleaning. Art wise I am just going to pick away at my latest series called in plain sight.

Jackie ❤️

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