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Role of art in society


I think at some point every artist goes through a period of ponder.

Pondering what does my art contribute to society?
What am i trying to say?
Who am i showing to people in my works?

I found myself asking this question when doing a course on sales. They asked why does someone need your product?

I sat there for a time and I couldn't come up with an answer. I had spent many hrs. pondering why I make my art but I never thought of why people would want it or feel they "need" it.

Now I'm not an art scholar.

This is just the ramblings of an overtired artist so feel free to add any insight or ponderings of your own.

I think the biggest one for me is the human connection.

It goes both ways. Art is a bridge between people, cultures, even time and space. It is the universal language be it through visual or audio the layers of art in one country relate to the layers in another country. It's a bond that allows us to learn about each other and make a connection on a more personal note. i have pieces on my wall that I love to look at because they remind me of the artist and the time we spent together and the things I learned

Art is also a small capture of time.

Through it you can look back millennia and see the evolution of society and it shares an experience with you that you may not have know previously existed. I love Renoirs "Dance at moulin de la galette" for this reason. It gave one a surrealistic feel going to that spot in modern day but carrying the image of yesteryear in your mind. It gives you the glimpse of what was.

Art can open up discussions, can make you think or change your perspective or opinion.

One that stands out in my mind is the art that adorned The Berlin Wall pre wall coming down it spoke a very charged message of oppression upon seeing some of these images it made me ask what is that about and dig further into what this artist was saying in the art and modern day what is left of the wall has slowly been transformed to an expression of freedom and beauty.

Art is not only an expression of self by the artist but also for the buyer.

Most time a person will buy a piece because they find an expression of something they find meaning in. Be it a controversial topic, a beautiful scene or a color scheme. Something touches the viewer that connects on that subconscious level. It emotes emotion from all spectrums.

Have you ever looked at a painting and found yourself lost in a memory?

Does a piece make you feel uncomfortable?

Has it made you feel light and happy?

Those are the magical moments.

I remember once standing in front of a piece of wall art one time and on its own it was a beautifully executed painting of a bowl of dough. I liked it but it didn't move me until I read the artist meaning behind it. I stood there with tears rolling down my face and at that moment it turned from the ordinary to a piece that will always be kept in my heart.

There was a painting of Napoleon done on this mighty stead going through the mountain. It was purposely depicted that way as a result of ego and the thought of being immortalized in a brilliant light by him. In real life it was a horrid trek and it was mostly done on mule. That painting had sparked a conversation with some fellow exhibit patrons which very poignantly showed me my own short coming in that aspect of history. Which in turn spark a want to learn.

What do you feel is the role of art in society be it the past or the present?


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