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Return to work

Back to reality and my day job today. My anxiety is going crazy. There's no need for it to be, work is a familiar place. It seems every time I go away this happens when I return. I already know where I live is a trigger and its probably part going off my routine that doesn't help. It's still cold and snowy and winter driving doesn't help either. And the loss of an hrs sleep probably too.

I need to remind myself that I'm a decent driver I haven't been in an accident there's no need to stress about driving. That I'm good at my job and nothing that's thrown at me I can't handle. Just need to clear my head and breath.

I have to make sure I take a sketch book with me today. Mindless doodling always helps. I should have got my things ready last night also but I took a friend out for supper last night so just went to sleep when I got home.

I don't know what it is. I was never a very social person but after travels I miss that social aspect so much. It's so hard to socialize here on a consistent basis. I can go weeks without even having a conversation with people if it wasn't for my phone.

Although things do get alot more hectic I find I get more done. My personality is a procrastinator. When I am short on time I tend to just get in and get thing done. The structure of my routine also puts everything in a time slot so there's not alot of thinking.

Yesterday was a good example I'm sure I could have found something more productive to do than practicing the guitar for 4 hrs. My fingers are feeling it today. Lol

Oh well make the best of it and carry on.

Jackie ❤️

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