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Puerto Vallarta

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

You know you're a lucky person when you have a friend who is willing to meet you at the last minute in another country.

The last leg of my trip wasn't planned like most of my trip.

I didn't even google what there was in Puerto Vallarta so going in was an unknown.

Upon arrival I quickly realized I had no signal about 80% of the time and by this point in the trip I was craving a little more disconnect so it worked out well.

The first day of the trip started out with a bang. Exploring the local night life and meeting some pretty interesting people. The city is a lovely place and no end of entertainment.

The following days slowed down to a rhythmic pace the ocean lulled me into a sense of calm and the sun reminded me once again that nature is something to be respected.

A book seemed to find me on that second day and fit right into the mood of where I was. It's funny how books seem to know exactly what you need to hear.

It always makes me wonder how the ocean seems to talk to me like an old friend, when I am a child of the open Prairies.

But once again I found myself hopelessly trying to capture the feel of what it brought in my different mediums.

The sound of the waves lapping on the shore gently calling me to sleep, the birds songs telling me it was time to behold what the sunrise would bring.

The start of this trip was chaotic and unknown but the end filled me with a greatfulness that was long needed.

A reminder that time shouldn't be put on hold for no one because these moments slip away so fast.

Jackie ❤️

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