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Perception in art and how we view ourselves

Juicy boo bear

I was recently reading about different artist's methods and I stumbled into sort of a philosophical rabbit hole. I had just finished watching multiple YouTube videos on the history of philosophy, of which I retained very little, but I am sure will pop up randomly when I need to remember something completely different and important.

What did I retain from them?

A sliver of an idea that perception lies between dream and reality.

As I sit here writing this I am on day 10 of work and currently on nightshift. I am tired.

So what significance does this have?

Well it put me in the perspective that when I get to this state of tired my conscience brain allows my subconscious brain to show. Instead of looking purely at reality it delves back into a dreamscape reality.

Now that's not to say i am to the extent I can not function on a high level but what happens is frankly I don't care.

Although how I am viewed really isn't something that's ever bothered me or constrained me but I believe on a subconscious level I hold a level of "what society deems the norm or appropriate" This has been slowly changing, I find, the more I am exposed to other social structures. But I digress.

What it leaves is a brain able to explore without questioning. And that's where I am the most creative. That's where my perception as an artist lies.

So how does one tap into that without driving yourself into a tired mess, crying at a Spanish song because you miss x, y and z. Seriously must have been a sight.

I'm not sure to be honest

One thing for me is mornings, before coffee has told my brain we must function, is a sliver of this. My slice between dream and reality

So I am trying a little trial of slotting in some time to consciously try to wake that unconscious

How you may ask?

I'm not sure yet I think it will be a process of trial and error really.

If anyone knows of a good book for this definitely let me know.

The second aspect of this is how we view ourselves.

For a long time I had trouble referring to myself as an artist.

Why? Because my perception of what an artist is lived in my dreams and until I dared to dream that I could be an artist is where I started to see the reality of what an artist is, or at least to me.

By stepping past the hope into the reality I realize that, that dream, wasn't a dream but just a singular possibility. I have the perception to make any dream reality by simply making it a possibility.

Anyway, enough of my tired ramblings.

I hope this finds everyone well and that summer isn't slipping away from you without you enjoying it.

Jackie ♥️

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Many cultures see little difference between the conscious self and the subconscious self. Your non waking thoughts are still YOUR thoughts. Drugs, alcohol, meditation, and yes, lack of sleep, are all forms of stimulus that informs your creativity. Those thoughts are tools, no different than brushes and paint, that shape your creative visions and bring those visions to the world to see.

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