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Paris Exposition

Poster of the exposition
Paris Exposition

As with most things they never go exactly to plan. As I scrambled to get ready for this exposition things stated to unravel. The original venue fell through and my printed material wasn't going to arrive in time.

After two days no sleep between work and children's birthday's, hours before having to fly out I sorted all the printed material myself at home. Complete with cutting to size. I threw a pile of clothes into a suitcase and off I went to the airport.

If you see me looking odd for dress choices this is why.

The new venue definitely had some issues. Lighting in one section was completely lacking and I forgot to get the printers to add the hanging hardware. Add on that my lack of French skills and it made for an interesting opening.

On the bright side I met some lovely people. My art is being seen and the reaction to it has been great.

I am just getting ready for day 2 and decided I would pop on here quickly and share with those of you who can't make it out a look at the exposition.


Scarcity is a series that takes a look at the effects and causes of food scarcity in today’s society. The series delves into the environmental complications, the economical aspects that poses barriers and the long term psychological effects food scarcity can leave behind.

A lamb on a background of bananas above a green umbrella
The green umbrella

The Green Umbrella

The green umbrella represents money. In a world where prices keep going up and wages stay the same it is becoming harder and harder for people to be able to afford good healthy foods. Until you control the umbrella you are stuck under its shadow.

As et of scales balanced on a delicate string waiting to be cut


This composition is a look at the effects of slow governmental regulation changes on the population's ability to effectively manage food collection and production while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. With global temperatures rising, different approaches need to be implemented to maintain the precarious balance before the string that holds it all together is cut free.

Salmon hanging to be dried
Fleeting culture

Fleeting culture

Represents the delicate balance northern communities struggle to maintain. Most remote communities still live a predominantly substance lifestyle like their ancestors before them. They find themselves in a situation of struggling with the migration of traditional food sources due to weather changes, the accessibility of affordable, nutritional commercial food sources and the lack of political voice to sculpt regulations reflective of the current global climate.

Avocado's fighting the toxic chemicals of processes foods
The poison within

The poison within

A scene of good fats battling the poisons of processed foods. In a society where boxes of pre-packaged processed food are cheaper than fresh whole foods, many people struggle with the difficult choices of buying less healthy foods to be able to have enough to eat and going without or having a balanced nutritional diet. Will our little avocado friend be victorious?

Wheat sweating in the heat
Wilted sun

Wilting sun

Summer temperatures getting hotter and winters getting colder alter the growing seasons and sustainability of modern day crops. Studies have predicted the world's population to increase by 1.7 billion by 2050. With the increased demand on the world's food supply and a decrease of crop productivity due to seasonal changes the race is on to find a viable solution. Until then the crops are left to sweat it out under the blazing sun.

Lady in blue with pink sunglasses
Sugar cube

Sugar cube

Some of the longer term psychological effects of food scarcity include a higher rate of anxiety and depression. Anxiety can induce a pattern of food hoarding and stashing. Food hoarding can manifest as stocking up on food at home, or carrying food, snacks, or meals around. Restrictions of food items can also lead to placing these foods on a pedestal and producing an unhealthy obsession for them. This is often a coping mechanism and is regularly connected to a past involving food scarcity.

My goal was to take this heavy topic and present it in a light manner to better facilitate the conversation.

I hope you enjoy this tour of my exposition.

Jackie ❤️

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