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Exploring New projects and art lesson videos for beginners

a painting of an orange on white paper
watercolor orange

I am exploring some new projects and put together a few watercolor art lesson videos for beginners the last two weeks.

I have a two day market event in two months with hardly any inventory at the moment. I reluctantly slip from finishing up ideas from my travel sketchbook to focusing on what theme I want my overall showing to be. I find it hard to get motivated as this time of year. It is normally my low productivity time and low ambition. The lingering winter and hints of spring set onto a path of contemplating my situation and who is in my life, how they fit, where i want to go, how i want to do that and on and on and on. So I will set lofty goals and be patient with myself if i don't hit them. I will celebrate the things I do come to create and understand this is how my creativity works for me. How does your creativity work? I'm always interested to hear about other people's work flows.

As we will be in full swing spring on the cusp of summer I wanted a light, flowing show. Following along with my orange obsession I decide to do a set of greeting cards with the fruit theme. Along that line I will have to finish the two orange pieces I started in acrylics before Christmas.

I will generally find my theme for events by just looking at what I keep coming back to in the studio. My artistic personality can be very stubborn at times. If i have something i keep coming back to there is a defined route my brain likes to explore it.

First Identifying why I was drawn to it in the first place, then trying to capture that feeling I had with it and then saying what I want to share through those pieces. I have tried many time to just move on and start another project but they will be pushed to the side until I come to the natural conclusion of whatever obsession i am chasing. I think i am finally starting to placate that side of myself and just let myself follow where my intuition leads me.

As I've done this event before I know they have school age children come on a field trip. As my price points were out of range for what the children had for money last year I wanted to do a few smaller low cost items for them. I settled on stickers and decided to get my son to help me design them. I know my digital works resonates best with that age range so we will design 4 digitally drawn stickers.

A yellow watercolor lemon on a white background
Watercolor Lemon

I figured I would film my studies and talk through them and see if that holds any value for people. So far I have done a watercolor orange and a lemon. They are just simple starter type of painting but figured if anyone can take anything from them then it would be worth it. I know i enjoy watching how other create their work so hope it finds the right people who will enjoy them. I will link the orange video below.

The other thing I am debating is if I'll order postcard sized prints of some of the pieces.

I do have to order either new business cards or might end up going with a bookmark. I just feel if people are anything like me I tend to lose business cards the second they go into my pocket for some reason but I have bookmarks that are older than my children. I never lose those.

That's all I am going to focus on right now. Anything needing to be printed needs to be sent off by next week at the very latest.

Till next week bye


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Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I get it, I just finished a series, and now I'm I'm planning what the workload will be for the rest of the year. And, don't give up on business cards. I, too, think that they tend to be an outdated concept, but people do hang onto them. People sometimes need to know where to find my work, so with the right info on a card they'll remember who I am, how to reach me, and where to view my work. A vital tool for a working artist.

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