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Motivation in the frosty forest

Updated: Jun 2

Tree in the winter scenery
Winter days

This time of year I always find it the hardest to stay motivated.

The Forest in which I live changes into a frosty, blustery barren landscape.

The sun is only seen a few hrs. a day and the deep cold starts to set in.

At the writing of this the snow has been falling for 3 days straight.

My natural inclination would be to hibernate in my bed.

My energy levels dwindle and easy tasks seem arduous.

There is nothing physically wrong with me but it is more of a mental thing.

Could I go outside and enjoy this beautiful wonderland?

Of course one can easily dress for it go out enjoy the many winter activities but mentally I ask why would I want to do that. ITs cold.

Plus driving in the winter is one of those things that set off my anxiety horribly.

So what is one to do to keep my motivation in the things I actually want to do? like art?

Normally I would just give into the endless need to hid away in my nice and cozy bed.

This year I am making a conscious effort to try to get that motivation back.

Here's things I've decided to try:

  • List of ideas I want to finish

  • set deadlines for each

  • I need to create a list of thing I still need to do with the website

One of the things I noticed I need to do is take better pictures of my art.

I love the digital art for that because it is how you see it. My physical pieces i have always sold in person. Proper picture were not as important.

So task one Learn more about photography.


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