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Keeping organized creatively

Incase you haven't been able to tell by my social feeds I tend to jump around a lot in my creative endeavours. So overall even though I'm productive I do take longer than I should on individual projects.

This month I have a few deadlines that I would like to hit before my holidays start in 11 days. With only 3 days off between now and then finding the time is gong to be tricky.

Like the picture above I have lost of things fluttering all around I have to get flying in a straight line.

I have 3 in total that stand out and a 4th that is more of a wish list item. The first one, my donated piece, is not due until August. I know myself though and what my schedule looks like after holidays and really need to wrap that one up. That will take me another 3 hours or so with varnish.

The second project I have is a piece I have to finish designing and create for a gallery submission.

The last thing is a writing piece. I've been asked to submit a piece of writing for a mentor program I was hoping to get in last year. I want to create a new piece for this, but with no real idea of what direction I want to go with it it will take some time to get going.

The last two were opportunities that unexpectedly came across my desk and I feel like I need to take them. What's that saying?

When opportunity knocks you have to answer the door

But what if you live on the fourth floor and to answer that door you had to power through obstacles on the way down?

As a single mother and working shift work just finiding time to squeeze in my endeavors is a task. Today for instance I was only able to squeeze in 15 min of creative time.

So what's the plan?

Find the time.

How exactly am I going to do that?

Well I've written a detailed list of all the tasks involved in each. I've estimated how much time each task is going to take and tonight I will sit down and block out time for each.

An example of this would be:

Donation painting

30 mins finish sky

30 mins finish trees

30 mins finish grass

30 mins finish off road

20 mins finish off edge

30mins varnish

I'll usually add an extra half hr to each project just incase and any time balances leftover will move forward to the next project.

So if this project takes 2 and a half hours instead of 3 and a half hours the extra hour will be added to the writing project, and ect.

Will it work?

To be honest

I'm not sure but I'll let you know in 11 days.

Jackie ❤️

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