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Jetlag is real

Back home to the cold north and is jetlag ever hitting me today. I don't know why, it's so random. Sometimes I'm fine others it just hits me like a brickwall. There doesn't seem to be any discernable pattern to it. I'm so glad I have a few days before I go back to work.

Must dos:

  • Finish submission for metis fest in may

  • Go through emails write down dates for other opportunities.

  • Check inventory(supplies and paintings) /place order of what's needed

  • Grocery shopping

  • Check mail

Want to dos:

  • Finsh painting "chasing happiness" sculpture

  • Print out images for reference off phone

  • Scan paintings and do mock ups

  • Set up new desk

  • Pastel work

  • Reply back to emails from the last two weeks

  • Figure out why I can't upload images to the website (stock image for this and the last blog)

Would be nice to get done:

  • Get base layer down for H&M submission

  • Sort out ideas for Spanish show submission

  • Get help from art council with filling out paperwork

  • Source some kind of storage for larger paper pieces

Today I'm grateful to see the morning light hit my bedroom wall. I love how the golden glow hits my wood man and cast a larger than life shadow of him in different shades of greys. The soft transitions of them and the hard lines.

Back in my space with a clear head I have alot to ponder on where I want to be. And how I am going to do that. I had a marriage proposal that really opened up my thoughts to starting a new life. It also showed I'm not sure where exactly I want to be. Also it makes it hard to plan for it if I'm not sure exactly where to go. Maybe it's time I start throwing things at the wall (metaphorically) and see what sticks.

Another coffee then get going for the day. I laugh at myself for how much I'm looking forward to my oatmeal and toast this morning. I really missed that little part of the morning.

Jackie ❤️

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