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Getting back to feeling normal.. Ish

It never fails everytime I get back from travelling i get sick. When I touched down in Montreal my allergies kicked in with a vengence and que the asthma cough. By the time I made it to Calgary I was a mess. Coming back home the smoke from wildfires were blowing in and my cough got so bad I ended up losing my voice. It's been 8 weeks since I got back and I'm just finally getting a bit of my voice back but the coughing is still keeping it rough.

I have felt so frustrated since I have got back. Between working my day job, being under the weather and trying to get ready for my show I was exhausted. I still am exhausted. And I ended up being up late again after getting caught up in a painting.

The show went a lot better than I had expected. Set up was something I had to be creative with. It was an outdoor event and I didn't have enough time to order in any displays. In the end I think it turned out well if having to do something like that again I'd make a few changes to polish it up to look more professional but overall it accomplished what it needed to.

My goal was to get out and talk to people. It's been so long since I've done any community events and this was the first time since I was in my late teens early twenties that I've been up front displaying as an artist.

I was so nervous the night before I made myself feel sick. I never slept a wink but as soon as that first person come to talk to me all my nerves flew away.

It's strange to say that because my social anxiety can be crazy at times. In my mind though if it has something to do with my job or my non profit volunteer I can muster through to get the job done.

I think I have got to the point where I see this as my job possibly. Honestly only a part time job at this point. It made me realize I really need to start arranging my schedule to be able to do more. It was more than that though. It just felt natural.

Since I had started getting anxiety there hasn't been many things I have been able to slot into, in a public setting, and for it to feel natural and comfortable. It took me by surprise really I never expected that but it was also so liberating.

I know that sounds a touch cliché but that's what it was. That's all I have time for today. Next post I'll get into the actual show and what pieces I took with me.


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