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Fly days

Why on earth did I book a morning flight?

My stomach is in knots, I'm not a good flyer. If I could cancel it I probably would. That's why I booked non refundable. I know in this day and age, with how unpredictable travel is, that's not really a smart thing to do but my anxiety would have me never leave home. I always get a little sad leaving Europe. But excited to sleep in my own bed tonight.

This morning I need to remind myself of all the statistics that show air travel is safer than driving. I've just downloaded a bunch of new podcasts and made sure I have my sketchbooks in my carry on.

You'd think after this many flights I'd be ok with it but at least I'm doing better than I was before. I'm also glad I woke up to my alarm.

Yesterday was a odd day. Started out in the café drinking coffee socializing, then little off beat bars in ancient buildings then somehow ended up at this Baltic social dance at an art centre.

At first I thought what am I doing this seems lame but they had good beer and then the music started and all the dancing and I had a blast. I ended up finding a couch, halfway through, to sit and draw on and as I was absorbed in that a few of the people I was drawing came up to take a look.

I still get apprehensive drawing people who are going to see them but I ended up getting some compliments and connected with an urban sketcher that's living here in Paris. Always love meeting other artists.

She is Canadian also which was nice because my French is still horrible so it was nice to talk a little English. Although English is quite common in the touristy areas I've avoided most of those areas the last few trips you'd think that should help with my speaking but alas I'm still at basic French.

Even in Spain, beside Barcelona, i found Valencia and Séville had very few people, that I met, that spoke fluent English, but it was nice in a way. It made me have to try to use my limited spanish. It always amazes though how much humans communicate in non verbal ways.

Well guess I should finish packing the taxi will be here in 20 mins and probably have a second cup of coffee. Today's going to be a long day.

Jackie ❤️

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