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Finishing my first watercolor pad

It was a small goal I set for myself to use every piece for a piece. In the end I only had 3 pieces that I wasn't happy with and probably at some point I will come back to them and rework them but I'm pretty happy about that.

As I sit here tonight I'm planning what I will do with that last piece of paper.

On the inside covers of my book I have post it note full of ideas.

Perhaps the vulture shall come to life and pick over the carcass of what once was a full book. Seems kind of fitting.

That still leaves me a good start to transfer over to the new book. I still need to ponder on what my next little goal will be.

I think i want to put together a collection for showing next. It's been ages since I displayed publicly. Or maybe I should focus on one subject for the next book.

A friendly octopus could be a focus for this next book. Incase you haven't noticed by the name, I have an affection for them.

That is the wonderful thing about a new book the world of possibilities are endless.

Jackie ❤️

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