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Finding your style

Red watercolour and ink octopus on white background
Red octopus

If you're like me you've spent hrs over the span of years reading or watching different things on how to cultivate your style.

Two things I came across really stuck out to me.

The first wasn't even on style but how to improve your skills.

I had come across a video

(for the life of me I can't remember the name of it, if you know it let me know)

that said of you want to improve your skills in drawing, painting, ect to do the same thing every day for a year. Pick something anything like a unicorn or raccoon, anything and draw/paint it everyday for a year.

Honestly was a great way to hone skills, try new skills ect but in that process you'll find that your style starts to develop also. How you create something then translates to other things you create.

The second thing was a from an interview asking an artist

(again horrible memory I can't remember the artist's name. they were New York based and drew these beautiful charcoal portraits that were so dynamic)

that said he developed his style through years of imatating styles of other artists he liked taking away from those experiences the pieces or skills he liked about it and working it into how he created.

I found that very interesting because when you think about it the way most people learn skills is by looking at what was done before. Then by taking those skills and improving on them, adding to them, using only a piece of it here or there or arranging them in a way that's conducive to what you want to achieve it will then generate a feel of you.

In everything I have read, watched or seen the common thread is always never be afraid to try something new and think outside of the box.

In alot of pieces I do i can see my style starting to develope but I don't think I've made it to a point where you'd say "oh that's a morisette" just by looking at it.

So the adventure continues.

Jackie ❤️

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