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Creative process

Watercolour art station
Work station

I think everybody including artists are curious in what a person's creative processes are.

I know I am.

so in this blog I will try to break down my own processes in creating my different pieces of art.

If you have any questions or feel I haven't explained something fully just let me know.

I have two categories planned pieces and unplanned pieces.

Both are pretty self explanatory I think.

my planned pieces are the pieces that I come to my desk with a well defined idea and image in my head. These pieces are usually done in an allocated time slot I set aside daily just for this purpose. This is the bread and butter of my output.

The unplanned pieces are the pieces that come about from a blast of inspiration or just the need/urge to paint. There is very little thought put into what the end result will be. These are usually the pieces that I end up loving the most but the consistency these bursts come in are unpredictable. I may go months with no inspiration or I could be so filled with it that there's not enough hrs in the day for me to realize it.

Planned pieces are usually ideas from unplanned pieces that I didn't get to paint yet but had the foresight to write down in the moment.

I learned very quickly I will not remember an idea despite how good I think the idea is.

Now I Always try to write them down.

My first step in my process is something that really changed how much I paint.

I always have "stations" set up that stay out in plain sight ready for me to work.

The task of breaking down a work area and setting it back up for me is a deterant of wanting to create. I am very lazy in that aspect if I'm tired. So having things ready is important for me.

Also things need to be some symbolance of order before I start. Chaos on my work area drives me crazy yet by the end of a session it will always be chaos on my desk. Nothing extreme just tools cleaned and put back in their general places.

The second thing that really helped me was setting aside whatever time I had to do it. Even if it's just 15 minutes, that's 15 minutes I would have wasted otherwise.

Now I'm ready to sit at my desk.

Planned pieces

I will plan my pallet, what color will I use? what medium? what paper? etc.

Next I will draw out a loose sketch. I draw only the outlines and leave all details off. Details come at the end of my paintings.

Next i find music with the feel I think the painting/drawing has. Is this serene? is it dynamic?

Next I figure out what my background will be and usually do a quick wash in that shade.

I will fill in the shadowing areas first then work my way up to the highlight. Or vice versa depending on the medium.

At any point if I'm not feeling a certain aspect I will readjust my plan and carry on.

At regular intervals I will step back and take pictures to make sure my aspect ratios are working, my color pallet is working and overall feel.

Unplanned pieces

There really is only one step. I sit down and start painting. There is usually no drawing. I chose colours and medium by instinct. I will still take pictures and evaluate what direction I need to go but that's about the only structure I apply.

In both cases when I feel a painting is finished I will set it aside for a day or two. I have the tendency to nitpick at minor details or try to fix things I precieve as not perfect etc. So I step away and let it breath.

When I come back to it I have a new set of eyes.

I'll either finish it with what I see needs to be done still or ill sign it and get it prepared for sale.

Non paint related items I need

Coffee, ah the juice of life.

Headphones if I'm painting late at night or in public I'm sure not everybody wants to listen to my eclectic music stylings.

To be warm I hate being cold it distracts me. If I need to put on fuzzy slippers then fuzzy slippers it is. I have a friend who laughs at my fingerless gloves but I love them on cooler days when painting outside. I have no issues looking ridiculous if it's what I need to do to stay warm.

That's about all I need to be happy and create.

Jackie ❤️

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