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Art school in florence Italy day 1

Still can't upload my own pics on my phone lol but you get the idea

I'm exhausted lol but happy.

My first day was stressful for me. Not because of anything in particular just because it was new places and people and I don't do well in new social situations.

I found the school without getting too lost which is a feat for me. I started the day off with my italian lesson. I will be doing an hr a day while I am here.

If you've been following me for awhile you'll know I've been teaching myself italian but I never speak it with anybody. Upon landing in Italy I was very pleased my compréhension has drastically improved. My speech is still atrocious though so this praeis sorely needed. Plus side is also italian always gets me in a creative mood.

After italian I headed over to my art classes. Today was spent on classical drawing. Although I have been practicing this on my own I found it interesting. Not only because I was getting instructions on where I was going askew but to actually get the validation for the things I am doing well at. I always feel a little bit proud of myself when I've self taught myself something well.

It was definitely a long day but I never noticed. Had my teacher not let me know the time I probably would have still been sitting there.

Was an early bedtime last night just getting ready for day two. So baby upload photos from my phone on here so had over tu insta to see what I was working on yesterday.

Jackie ❤️

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