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Art school in florence finishing off the week

I meant to get this out the other day but then you know how vacation goes. Galleries, eating, dancing and singing.

The biggest thing I learned is that although in my mind I know alot of things and how they should be done, I have been slightly off the mark on applying some of them.

Not so much as to ruin a painting but just enough to keep it from getting to that next level.

One of those things has been my chroma relations. Generally I will find my lightest colors and my darkest and then fill in between those two values from dark to light.

As I started painting the sunglasses my teacher pointed out how by doing it like I normally do the darks were ending up being to dark in relation to the rest of the painting.

Actually his actual words were "you're too dark start in the middle and bring it up." and I asked "like the pencil drawing?" and he said "si".

Simple exchange, but it was a lightbulb moment for me. Most of the most helpful moments of this week have been very simple exchanges like this. They seemed to just link something in my mind with something physical in front of me.

I had just spent the previous days building up the darks in my drawing to get a cohesively balanced picture that was reflective of life. Why should it be any different with painting?

I've spent hrs on my own time practicing this in charcoal and graphite. When it comes to my paintings I naturally default to that state of not thinking and just doing as I always do. Although I do think there needs to still be an aspect of just feeling the painting there also needs to be that thought to give it the feel of life.

This may sound funny but by the last day I was so mentally fatigued. It was literally the first time I thought about what I was actually doing in oils or even acrylics for that matter.

I think because I learned drawing and watercolours later in life with a decent knowledge base I found I think them through more. (although I am definitely a long ways away from mastering watercolours) There is probably an aspect of not being comfortable with them. And when I'm not comfortable with a medium I tend to think it out more.

Pastels also because of their imprecise nature I tend to think through what I am doing more. Not to mention the headache it causes when you get into it and have to start changing colors sometimes it is just easier to start again.

In the end i didn't quite finish my painting. The paint wasn't dry (probably because I am pretty sure I kept forgetting to add the drying medium on some parts) so I finishe off what I could and I will have to add her sunglasses glass at home and finish up her body.

It may be the excuse I need to start getting back to oils. And exploring what mediums advances they've had in the last 10 years or so.

I spent the last hr cleaning up my studio area then playing with some pastels. Although it's was just me playing around my teacher told me to add more depth.

I never really thought I would get this much out of a short week. Although it might be a blow to some people to have their faults pointed out. I appreciated it. For me I think of it as an opportunity to improve. I was at a place where I was contemplating which direction I needed to go. This week has given me a few different avenues to head down.

It has also pointed out how isolating art at home has been. Although I do enjoy my solitude, it was a nice change to have others around to interact with.

The traveller in me wants to say I shouldn't waste a vacation on going back. Time is a precious thing and there are so many other places I want to see. On the other hand I had such a great experience and found this school had suited me and my style so well I am considering working my holidays so I can get a good chunk of time off to go back. Or do I look at other places to go?

The options are endless.

I am also glad to report I have finally made it to Uffizi! Third times the charm I guess.

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